Team j-culture 2020 映画「日日是好日」に学ぼう!Report

 2018 7th of October
  Team j-culture 2020の催し、映画「日日是好日」に学ぼう!
Team j-culture 2020 organised an event called Let’s Learn From The Movie “Nichi nichi kore kojitsu 日日是好日”! in YUITO Nihonbashimuromachi Nomura Building. There was a talk show featuringthe author of the original book, Noriko Morishita and a workshop was also held.

During the talk show, I asked Noriko Morishita about tea ceremony, flower arranging, tatami and kimono.
The movie “日日是好日” (Nichi nichi kore kojitsu) will be released nationwide on October 13th!

The calligraphy which was really used by the filming of the movie.

  会場の迎え花は、古流理恩会 会長 十一代 お家元 宇田川理翁先生の作品です。
j-culture 2020サブリーダーで(株)伊と幸の社長 北川幸様と、すすき、ききょうなど秋のお花を
The flower arrangement in the photo is by Riou Udagawa, the 11th Head Master of the Ikebana Koryu rionkai school. Mr. Udagawa held a workshop on flower arrangement.
I arranged flowers with Sachi Kitagawa who is a subleader of j-culture 2020 and president of Itokou Co., Ltd. It was fantastic to arrange autumn flowers, such as Japanese pampas grass and bellflowers, while paying attention to the balance, space and the concept of minimalism.

There was a workshop on making small tatami mats. Under the guidance of Mr.Ishikawa who is a member of Tatami Omotenashi project, I was able to make a lovely and small mat.

 手作りミニ畳でお手前も体験! しばしの時間集中して、静かに自分で点てたお茶は、最高に美味でした。
 Using the tatami, I participated in tea ceremony.
For a short time, I was able to concentrate on it calmly, and the tea which I made by myself was really delicious.

 I am planning to continue to introduce many kinds of Japanese culture, so please check the website of j-culture 2020.



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