Storytelling performance かなであい

2018 09 16

おかげさまで、「かなであい 愛する心 恋する思ひ」無事終わりました。


A story telling perfomance called KANADEAI was held at Anrakuji temple in Sakai town, Fukui prefecture.
It was a great oppotunity for me to read modern interpretations of literary works such as Yosano Akiko, Manyosh with a back drop of Yo Iwahori’s beautiful Japanese paintings.
Hina takako, a singer song-writer sang and played moving songs!

 In the secong part I read many passages from the Manyosyu.
It would very muck like to perform with them again.Hopely, I would like to perform with them again.

The Kimono I wore had been made just a week before.
It was made from cloth kindly given to me by my acupunture therapist 2 years ago.
As September is sitll hot, I asked a professional Kimono make to sew it specially.
The edge of sleeves and hem are made of two pieces, the rest is made from just one piece of cloth.



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 Hello! I hope you enjoy fantastic Kimono culture. I am a freelance announcer in Japan and also Kimono consultant & certified Kimono dresser(grade 2). 話し方講師・MCのKazuyoです。                  着物と共に育ち、和文化の着物の魅力は、とても奥深いものです。 そこで、着物の楽しさを世界に伝えたいと活動しています。  学校法人 清水学園 総合きもの部 着装師範科卒業。きものコンサルタントの資格を持ち、着付けやリメイクなどを楽しんでいます。着物を着る人が増えるよう、いろんな情報を発信していきますので、どうぞお楽しみに♪