kabuki 7月歌舞伎に

昼の部「通し狂言 三國無雙瓢箪久(さんごくむそうひさごのめでたや)」

 秀吉が出世する様を描いた「太閤記もの」は、 最遊記から始まって、


 I enjoyed watching kabuki in Kabuki theatre!
The description of the work being introduced in the leaflet is below.
SANGOKU MUSO HISAGONO MEDETAYA is a revival of a classic work portraying the historical figure of Toyotomi Hideyoshi(1537-1598).
Despite coming from farming stock, Hideyoshi rose to become one of Japan’s greatest unifiers. This is the latest of many works in Kabuki that depict how he brought an end to the Warring States period. Enjoy this fascinating success story filled with kabuki’s unique appeal.



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